Decade of Change-part 2

If you read part one you'll understand the lows I encountered through the decade. This part is about personal highs.

My oldest son Kyle got married to Nichole, it was a tearful day for me, tears of joy and also the what if moment as they were married 3 months after having  a heart attack. My best friend John was there, Godfather to Kyle, we've known each other since high school. The outdoor ceremony was on a perfect day.  Two years later Jeremy was born, our first grandson. Jeremy is a bright light that I got to spend my Fridays with for 3 years, until he started school this year. It was usually his choice as to what we would do, usually the mall, his favourite places to visit Toys R Us and LaSenza, they had a peg wheel you could spin to win. He loved walking, didn't matter where, down by the Rideau Canal locks, or trips to all the museums.  In our spare room I filled it with hundreds of balloons, it was the balloon room, we always had a great time in there, hours of laughter.

I watched my boys Kyle,  Matthew and Jamie grow into good decent men, I'm proud of them everyday, all of them my best friends. Kate and me also adopted an adult. We got to know Melanie in 2012, she was living with us for a year, moved out and then moved back, at that time she asked us about adopting her, we thought it was a great idea, so did the rest of the family. In 2018 she completed our family, I'm proud of everything she has accomplished, where she started with nothing, all she needed was a base to stand on.

My wife Kate has always been the one that  kept me sane, going into 38 years of marriage, she has been there through all the heartaches, supported my starving artist career as a photographer. She says she keeps me around because I make he laugh, sure isn't about my bank account. She's seen me at my worst, hugged me, cried with me, and I haven't always been that great to be around. She says I'm just like my Dad, it's a compliment, I'm the emotional type, cry at movies, a real suck at times, and I don't care.

While these are highlights, there were so many more days of happiness and joy. Life isn't made up of perfect days, it's made up of perfect moments, sometimes it's only a minute that can change a day. Time spent with family, with friends, don't ignore or make excuses to not see friends, one day it will change.  Never regret anything that makes you smile or laugh. I had a decade of laughter, a few minutes at a time.

Don't give up when life gets you down, find a smile, give a smile. Start the day with laughter and end it with a smile. Be more human as life goes forward. It's my plan. 


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