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Decade of Change-part 2

If you read part one you'll understand the lows I encountered through the decade. This part is about personal highs.

My oldest son Kyle got married to Nichole, it was a tearful day for me, tears of joy and also the what if moment as they were married 3 months after having  a heart attack. My best friend John was there, Godfather to Kyle, we've known each other since high school. The outdoor ceremony was on a perfect day.  Two years later Jeremy was born, our first grandson. Jeremy is a bright light that I got to spend my Fridays with for 3 years, until he started school this year. It was usually his choice as to what we would do, usually the mall, his favourite places to visit Toys R Us and LaSenza, they had a peg wheel you could spin to win. He loved walking, didn't matter where, down by the Rideau Canal locks, or trips to all the museums.  In our spare room I filled it with hundreds of balloons, it was the balloon room, we always had a great time in there, hours of laugh…

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